Marci's Stitch Memories

Pack your quilt with love and care - I'll give it back the same way.
  • Press all seams flat.
  • Trim threads.
  • Square the quilt top.
  • If there is an abundance of piecing along the edge of the quilt, stitch 1/4“ from the edge to stabilize.
  • Mark the top of the quilt with masking tape or a note to determine the correct direction for quilting.
  • Trim away selvage before seaming.
  • Use a 1/2 inch seam and press open.
  • Cut the backing a total of 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top.
  • Hobbs 80/20 natural or bleached batting is available at a reasonable price. Both have a soft and gentle feel when washed.
  • You may also provide batting. Must be 8” greater than the width and length of the quilt top.